Understanding LEED’s Safety-First Pilot Credit Program

Introduction (excerpt from USGBC+)

Let’s dispense with the notion that the COVID-19 crisis will lead to some sort of post-workplace world, where former office employees live out their entire work lives participating in Zoom meetings while wearing pajamas.

It’s true that many business leaders have been surprised by how productive their staff can be from their living rooms.

Many have noticed nearly no drop-off in productivity—or have even seen a slight uptick—and that’s one reason most businesses aren’t rushing to bring their knowledge workers back to the office before it’s safe to do so.

Still, industry leaders say there’s no way to replace the collaboration and camaraderie of an in-person workspace over the long run.

Because of this, it is important that facility managers and cleaning professionals better understand the LEED Safety-First COVID-19 Response Credit. It focuses on effected cleaning while still minimizing cleaning’s impact on the environment.

Clicking here or on the PDF link below will give you more insight into this program.


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