Making the Professional Cleaning Industry Better, Safer, Healthier, and More Sustainable


Let’s Talk About Green Cleaning…

Welcome to The Center for Green Cleaning and Sustainability (TC4GCS). Our mission is to “connect the dots” throughout the global cleaning industry including building owners and managers, cleaning service providers, product manufacturers, labor unions, environmental advocates, health experts, trade associations, government agencies and others to develop tools, share information, and educate the global marketplace with a goal to accelerate the adoption of Green Cleaning to benefit human health, the environment and the bottom-line.


What We Do

Create a global movement that promotes the importance of cleaning as a cost-effective health protection strategy, while minimizing adverse impacts on the environment.


What We Do

Develop strategies, standards, certifications, credentials, training and other programs that support all parts of the cleaning industry including cleaning personnel, service providers, product manufacturers, distributors, facility managers and other purchasers.


What We Do

Move the global cleaning industry beyond just the use of Green products towards becoming greener and more sustainable companies themselves.

Mentor the next generation of leaders in the cleaning industry.